Feedback from Our Students

As an indicator of the experiences students following the Psoriasis in Practice course have had, here is just some of the feedback we have received.

"... We have updated existing care-plans, to include a more detailed skin assessment (not just pressure ulcers and wounds), added a PSA chart for all psoriasis patients, identified undiagnosed psoriasis patients, updated our pre-admission form, updated care staff training, developed a skin infection care plan, etc. The impact in our area and on my practice has been immense. The GP who was my mentor has also returned and updated the surgery computer system to include best practice on requesting bloods, and current product information + best practice from me. ..."

"...I have really enjoyed this course. The course content is pitched at the right level, very informative and nicely challenging. I very much liked the fact that the course content is broken into sections with three 250 word assignments and all online and distance learning so I could fit the studying in around my workload. ..."

"... This course has helped to enhance my knowledge of psoriasis and given me a greater understanding of patient experience and where I could offer more support. The knowledge gained on psoriatic arthritis has been invaluable and from this I will include a joint assessment in our nursing practice with onward referral where necessary. ..."

"... I have learnt a lot about the management and indication of Psoriasis. I feel confident in the mapping process of Psoriasis and the types of treatment available. I really enjoyed the course and would like to be informed of any further e-learning available. ..."

"... I have learnt when to use treatments and advise on basic emollients, have some knowledge on steroid topical treatments which I will start advising supported by GP. I have also realised how much psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis affects the patient and the impact on their lives. This will enable me to be more empathetic and supportive to them. I am now aware of secondary care options and hope to build on my knowledge and possibly support the GP who deals with dermatology clinics. ..."